Thursday, 30 September 2010

Eat, Pray,Love

Last night, I went to the cinema to see Eat, Pray, Love starring Julia Roberts which was directed by the talented Ryan Murphy (Creator of Glee!!).  The film is a rom-com type so probably more a night out with the girls than a mixed group. The story is based upon a book by Elizabeth Gilbert.

Here's the synopsis from IMDB:

 "A married woman realizes how unhappy her marriage really is, and that her life needs to go in a different direction. After a painful divorce, she takes off on a round-the-world journey to "find herself".

The film itself was initially long, although when you take into consideration trailers and such,it was probably near enough 2.5 hours for the actual feature.
Overall, I really enjoyed the film. It was much better than I originally thought and I felt that it made the audience leave with a feeling of questionability about their own lives.

Here are a few stills from the film (sourced from various sources through google):

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What's in my bag?

I'm one of those people that have a mild obsession for accessories, particularly bags. I tend to carry large bags as I have so much stuff in them and I feel the need to carry so much. Even on nights out, I have the biggest bag out of the group. It's just a necessity for me to know that I have everything I require in a bag especially for  bad weather (totally unpredictable in Scotland!).

So without further ado, here's what I carry in my bag:

As you can see in the picture, there are not too many beauty products due to the fact that I haven't been able to find a cute enough bag to carry it in. Unfortunately, the satchel is not a Mulberry Alexa, just an amazing copy by Internacionale for a whole £9.99. The card at the front is a Costa card which I had picked up that day and had not bothered to put it away in my purse. The perfume bottle is 'Diamond' by Next which smells phenomenol and not bad at £6, which is useful for a daily perfume for work and such. The nairns oatcakes aren't always there, they were in my bag for the next day at work for first break. So yeah.....this is my bag at the moment.
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Sunday, 26 September 2010

Where, oh where have all the capes gone?

Friday is payday. With the weather beginning to get chillier and the dark nights creeping in much earlier, I figured it would be a good time to invest in a new winter jacket.  The previous one I've had for about 7 years and it looks a bit, well...knackered? I love the idea of a cape as it's a key piece this season. I had my eye on one in Topshop at £95 (which I can't currently find online...its vanished) which I liked. It comes in two colours - black and this seasons colour, camel. Not sure which colour i'd go for: black is probably much more practical but the camel is pretty. Whilst browsing the interweb tonight I found this little pretty in Miss Selfridge for £68. I love the colour and the checks....not really a faux fur person but it works with this cape. I think I may pop into town and try it on before I make the final decision. I also had a look in the usual online suspects - asos and even boohoo. Surprisingly, there are not a lot of other capes out there....where have all the capes gone?

Edited to add: Just found this pretty is River Island.  It's £59.99 and is the cheaper of the three of them. Normally, I don't ever go near River Island as some of the stuff is weird, however, I think that this may be worth a trip to the fitting rooms.  The only issue that I can think of with this cape is the lack of warmth. It looks fairly thin and in Scottish weather (especially with the winter we had last year), I don't think it would be worth spending this money or something that is thinner than a jumper. The only way I'm going to find out this for certain would be a trip to try it on.

Image from

In other news, I'm beginning to get a wee bit of a cold :( so i've dosed myself up with hot orange in an attempt to beat the little bugger before it makes me worse.
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Cath Kidston AW10

Now i'm a massive fan of Cath Kidston: cute vintage floraly prints and  stuff that makes you go squeee. So when I received the new magazine through the post, I got all excited. It was, as I imagined, the same volume of cuteness plus more.  This time they have some limited edition pieces as well.

The first piece I love is this Doctor's bag. I love the colour, the patchwork,shape....everything. Mary Poppins anyone? I feel that it could hold all my junk (as I can never take a small bag even on a night out!). For £85 it's actually not too bad and one that will go on my 'want list'.

Image from

The second piece I love are these cinema bags. They are available in two different patterns - Bunch Flowers (shown below) and Winter Meadow and cost £35 each. They look a practical size and useful for running errands or as the name suggests going to the cinema. I don't think I could decide between the two designs as they are both equally pretty. That is the problem with Cath Kidston - everything is adorably cute that you want it all!

Image from

The homeware section doesn't disappoint either. The pieces are beautiful and home-worthy. Here are some of my  favourites:


The first image is actually a knitted tea cosy (not a hat). I think my teapot would look adorable in it - although my teapot is a cupcake so its kinda cute itself :).
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Marbled nails....

Today I marbled my nails from a tutorial on Youtube :) and here's how they turned out:

However, I decided I didn'tlike them so removed them and did ladybirds instead :):

Not amazing, as i'm pretty tired at the moment.
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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Mulberry SS11

My my my, Mulberry, what have you done to this blogger? The SS11 collection is stunning. It is one of my favourites from LFW. The colour palette is just gorgeous, what with nudes, electric blues, tans, purples and blacks present. All colours which I would wear. There is, however, a zebra print that crops up in the few of the designs. However, this does not distract from appeal that is Mulberry SS11. Instead it complements the collection.

A distinguishing feature between the models is the fact they all had red hair on the runway. This in turn makes the collection even more appealing. The theme of the show was very fantasy with the paper cut-outs and floral background.

Stand-out pieces

Pink ruffle dress: I love this piece for the ruffle detailing on the shoulder. I also love the belted waist. The colour and the length is a bonus too. If I had to pick my ultimate piece from the collection, then this would be it.

Purple Dress: I love this design for two main reasons. Firstly, the colour.I adore this deep purple colour on anything whether its a bag or a dress or even nail varnish. Secondly, I love the twisted detailing under the neck and the belted waist.

Electric Blue Jumpsuit: I love this piece as it's simple. However, to stop it looking boring, Mulberry have added detail through the flower on the left shoulder. I also love the cut of the jumpsuit as well,not to mention the colour.

Floral Dress:  This dress is just gorgeous. The bottom half is a ruffle skirt which helps to link the flower detail that is present on the top half. I just love it.Simple.

Overall,  this collection is stunning. I love everything about it - the colours, the theme, the pieces. It's just beautiful. End of. 

All images from

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There's a place for us....

Gah, this weather is just horrible! I should really go down to the gym as I've been extremely lazy this past month - London plus swollen 'elephant' ankle being the culprits. It's so horrible outside and considering i've not been out all day, I really don't feel like heading outside and walking in the rain for 10 mins. Its just so...winter! Instead, I think i'm going to do some things for the blog and watch a bit of Glee (Yes, I'm a Gleek!). I'm not loving the image thing on blogger....they won't seem to place where I want them to, which really screws up my blog (and raises my stress levels).

On another note, I spotted my Chinese hamster, Darwin, doing the cutest thing ever. He has finally moved out from living under his flying saucer and into a rice crispies box. I noticed as pieces of loo roll which are in his tank (which he ignores normally) have been gathering in said rice crispies box. That's not the cute part. Today, he was rustling around in said box and I noticed a hole he has nibbled in the side, right beside his food stash. Talk about breakfast in bed!

Oh and here is a little picture of the cutie:


Today, I also made gingerbread splodges. Yes, they are splodges as regardless of what pretty shape I make, they turn out like splodges. Yummy, but very splodginess.
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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Topshop Unique SS11

Topshop never fail to impress, and this latest collection for SS11 Unique is no exception.  Straight away there is an obvious colour palette with rich, autumny tones running through the collection. In contrast, there are cooler tones, like nude, which provide a balance. The theme of the collection seems to be fantasy, due to the volume of different fabrics and prints which are effortlessly placed together. Clashing? Yes...but it works.

Stand out pieces


Images from

Swimming Costume: I love this piece purely for the cut-out detail. I'm not sure if I would ever have the confidence to wear it, but it's pretty to look at. Not to mention, a wonderful colour.

White Dress: I like this piece a lot for the detail below the neck, crossing into the shoulders. I also love the asymmetrical shape, along with the cut-out at the bottom. I can picture myself wearing this one, as it's in classic colours and it's also a simple design.

Red Dress: There are many reasons why I love this piece. Firstly, the colour - a lovely deep red, reminescent of autumn. Secondly, I love the shape: shorter at the front and longer at the back.  Also, the silhouette it creates. Finally, I love this piece for the detail. This is what I feel makes the dress complete.

Dress with tuile (?) at the bottom: I love this piece mainly for the bottom half. The top half is structured and well constructed with a defined shape. The bottom half is the complete opposite - loose and flowy which makes me want to climb to the top of a hill and spin in circles.
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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Born to be wild...

Whilst shopping yesterday I picked up a few bits and bobs (probably should've waited until payday...oops). So without further ado here's what I bought:


I've been looking for the perfect brogues for ages. Having never owned a pair, I was looking for something simple and preferably black. Having looked in many other High street stores, I found that some of the prices were a bit out of my price range for something that potentially I may only wear once. Therefore,I was looking for something within budget and the right style. Doing the classic 'I know what I'm going for' scenario, I popped into Primark and came out with these (also I did get what I needed in case you were wondering). These were exactly what I was looking for and a bargain at £8. I'm actually tempted to go back and get the tan ones as well. Still not sure what to wear with them, although I think I may wear them to work tomorrow with tights and black shorts.


My latest obsession is rings. For someone that is never normally a ring wearer, it is a complete change of direction. After looking at many different ones, I ended up buying three.

L-R: Rabbit - Primark; Snake - Primark; Flower - New Look (Sale)

As you can see from the pictures, I have had a slight lean towards animal rings. I actually almost bought another three. Thankfully, for my bank account, I put them back on the shelf until payday. I love the animal ring trend at the moment as its so me! Also, I don't really think its been quite so big as it is now due to the 'heritage/english countryside' trends that are currently around in AW 10.

Hair Products

L: V05 'Surf-style seasalt spray' R: Gum Brunette Heat Protective Milk

 Finally, I bought two hair products that I've never tried.

The first being V05 'Surf-style sea-salt spray'. I have naturally straight hair which does do nothing..I repeat NOTHING. It's flat and boring - unless its being held up with Tres Semme Freezehold hairspray. Being straight, I've never had to straighten it. I don't even own straighteners. It amazes the hairdressers when they start blow-drying it and notice that they won't even need to switch on their GHDs. 

I heard about this product through reading a review on a blog (cannot remember for the life of me where) so I thought I'd give it a go. Now you're probably wondering, why sea salt? Technically, living in a city beside the coast I could get miles upon miles of seasalt, but that is just gross! I've not actually used this but I'm sure to post a review once I've given it a go.

The second product is Brunette Heat protective milk by gum. Normally,when drying my hair I use a heat-protection spray. Noticing that my Tres Semme one was about to run out, I picked up this one for a change. Still not used it, but again a review is likely.
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Monday, 20 September 2010

Roses are red....

This is my first post and what's better than to make it an outfit post. Today I spent the day with a couple of friends in town looking after the niece of one of them. It was a mixed day weather-wise so I dressed accordingly.

Here's what I wore:

Cardi - Topshop £28 ;Dress/top - New Look £18; Leggings - Internacionale £4.99; Boots (not shown) - Primark £12

I also threw on my green parka (Internacionale £18) and my brown satchel bag (also Internacionale £9.99)

The top/dress I bought around this time last year and it is one of the most interchangeable pieces I own. I love how I can wear it casually during the day with leggings and pumps where come evening I can dress it up with tights and stilettos.
The cardi I bought in Topshop from their AW 10 collection. I'm a sucker for chunky knits and this season Topshop are ticking all the right boxes for me. They've also got a lovely aran cardi in at the moment that I'm eyeing up.

I also did have a necklace on from Freedom @ Topshop but I took it off earlier on in the evening.

(Apologies for the crappy picture - I don't take good self-portraits :))
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