Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Monthly Favourites: June...

Blink and the month has gone just like that. To be honest, I can't remember much of what happened in June: I think work, gym and blog pretty much sums it up. It's insane how quick it has gone.

Anyway, here are June's cream of the crop:


Stanley Kitchen Timer:

This is probably one of the best things that I have ever bought from Cath Kidston. I use it all the time when I'm cooking and most of the time it tends to hang out in my living room (oops!). It's probably the cutest timer that I have ever seen as well.


Mini Milks:

A childhood favourite which I had forgotten all about until I saw them in Tesco. At only 30 cal each, it was a bit rude to not pick them up. They still taste exactly the same as they did when I was 6 years old.

Bee Good Moisturiser:

This moisturiser was featured in a recent Glossybox and once I tried it there was no going back. It's described as a 'plump and firm' moisturiser and let me tell you my skin feels incredible after using it. As a matter of fact, I think I'm going to use it later on.

Edinburgh Gin Elderflower Liquor:

Another month, another Gin....well technically last month was a Gin tour. I'm still raving about Edinburgh Gin, honestly I cannot get enough (If you ever need an official Gin taster, then I am your girl...). Their Elderflower Liquor is absolutely divine mixed either with tonic (Fever tree is the best) or lemonade. Refreshing and the perfect summer drink for those summer nights.

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Monday, 27 June 2016

Brand Love: New Look Fitness...

The problem with being a fitness fanatic like myself is that it can get a little on the expensive side. Thankfully, the High Street has started to sit up and listen and so some brands are starting to do their own fitness ranges at more affordable prices.

New Look is one of my go-to shops for my wardrobe and recently their fitness stuff has been getting a massive thumbs up from me. The products not only look incredible but they wash repeatedly well. They are also great value for money.

Definitely worth a look if you're looking to update your fitness wardrobe on a budget!

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Sunday, 26 June 2016

Life: This Week #038...


Some 'Yarn bombing' that I came across on the way home from the gym

001) This week has been particularly bad food-wise. I have honestly had far too much of the sweet, naughty stuff and not enough of the healthy stuff. Work in particular has been a distraction.

002) OITNB: What can I say? Season 4 was absolutely fantastic and I can't wait until season 5....which I'm going to have to wait another year for.

003) At work I spend a lot of time looking at properties for sale and I think I'm turning towards the minimalist look. My flat is fairly small with little storage and so it appears a little cluttered. To be honest, there is probably about a third of it that can go out (particularly in my wardrobe...), it's just the whole getting started thing...

004) Smoothie bowls. So good!

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