Sunday, 24 July 2016

Life: This Week #042...

001) Oh hello...first post in a week. You've probably noticed that there has been no new posts this week (completely unintentional I may add) as I decided to take a little time out. And to be honest, it has done me the world of good: I feel much more chilled and I have come away with heaps of new ideas.

002) Besides coming up with new ideas and such, I have also been planning something big for over here. I'm kind of excited but scared at the same time in case I screw it up, haha. Nothing is being revealed yet though!

003) This week I have also been blasting my way through Pretty Little Liars. At the moment, I am on season 7 episode 2, so I have almost caught up with the rest of the world.

004) Last weekend sooooo much was done on my flat. We got the cellar gutted, kitchen painted, skirting boards painted, bedroom gutted & wardrobe gutted. It feels really good to have got rid of a lot of stuff that was not being used. However, I still have some areas that need to be done though.

005) Today I sort of went sofa shopping...or to put it in better terms I fell in love with a sofa. So much so that I have been measuring up my living room to see if it would fit. And the best bit does!

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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Life: This Week #041...

Double Peanut Butter Magnum - hello!

001) I'm going to get straight to the point and admit that I did download Pokemon Go this week. The only reason is that I used to spend hours when I was younger playing Pokemon Red. As it is so glitchy, I've actually hardly used it so we will see if it remains or not.

002) This week I tried out a few more Les Mills releases - Sh'bam & Combat. Not too sure on Combat at the moment but Sh'bam is incredible this time round. I get a little confused though as a couple of the tracks have been in Body Pump so instead of dancing, I want to lift...

003) In addition to the above, I also tried out Fitness Yoga (I'm having a Yoga moment right now) which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's completely different to your usual Yoga class and not choreographed in any way unlike Balance. I must have been working hard though as I couldn't feel my legs for 2 days...

004) Today I spent the day clearing out the cellar which was full of other people's stuff from about 20 years ago - tins of food, traffic cones. Absolutely all sorts.Safe to say that I feel a little bit gross now - it's not all glamour being a blogger!

005) I'm on Snapchat - find me at ameyjaney
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Friday, 15 July 2016

Eats: Smoothie Bowls...

When the weather is warm or I am looking for something refreshing for breakfast, I will often reach out to Smoothies. Why? They are not only nutritious but the opportunities are endless.

Recently I have taken to putting my smoothies into a bowl and then adding lots of toppings. My favourite toppings include lots of berries and some form of seeds. In this case it was Pumpkin seeds. Anything and everything can go in.

In this smoothie, I had the following:

1/3 bag Tesco Frozen Tropical Fruit Smoothie mix
1 banana
Coconut water (adjust accordingly to how thick you like your smoothie)

How do you like your smoothie?

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